Savaş Elgin YALI

Founder and Eternal Chairman of Elin INC.

Savaş Elgin YALI, Eternal Chairman of Elin INC., who had a special place in the business world with his entrepreneurship, impressive foresight, and good engineering, always loved his country and people, always transferred resources for employment increase with the money that he earned from Türkiye, and always believed raising people up is more valuable than increasing the capital.

12.06.1951 Erciş Van – 03.11.2020 Ankara

Between 1980-1981, he did his military service as a third lieutenant in the department of construction real estate in Elazığ as an electrical control engineer.

After completing his military service and finishing the university, He founded Elin INC that he always dreamed of it, and drew its name and logo to his notebooks in November 1981 in Ankara.

He was always global and innovative in his business life.

One of his basic strategies was to look at the incidents by reasoning and not to be impressed by anyone while making decisions.

It was his permanent goal to provide sustainable employment with his contributions to the country’s economy and companies by doing value-added business.

He brought the company to an important point by enlarging it with ethical competition, planting awareness of customer satisfaction in all its employees and, he became indispensable for his customers, and an exemplary character for his rivals.

He became a pioneer by establishing the first ISO Quality Management System in the sector with the sense of the importance of institutionalism and promising companies do not depend on individuals.

Some words of The Late Savaş Elgin YALI

  • We aim to be the best, not the biggest…
  • We must be the first brand that comes to mind in our sector…
  • We must be pioneer in the business lines in which we operate…
  • We must provide the best and highest quality service to our customers under all circumstances…
  • We must keep up with technological developments swiftly…
  • It is very difficult to raise people, do not lose well-trained people easily, try to win them.
  • We did not earn our reputation with money, so we should never lose it for money…
  • The most expensive thing that money can’t buy is experience…
  • Graveyards are full of people who say “things won’t work without me”…

SAVAŞ ELGİN YALI Education and Culture

To give scholarships to university students who have no financial possibility and let them maintain their educational life and training by providing them cash assistance, housing allowance, nutrition assistance, and health care need.

To provide and contribute the necessary financial means to children, young people, and adults who are in the education and training period as rational, independent thinking, modern, and research individuals and to ensure that they are educated well and have a good profession. Also supporting the people to continue their education life who cannot maintain education life due to financial impossibilities.

To ensure that children, young people, and adults above a certain level of success have the opportunity to participate in all kinds of education and social activities at home and abroad as well.

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